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Monthly Archives: June 2016


See photo gallery 2 for pictures of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations at Hartlepool station. The event was arranged by Friends of Hartlepool Station in conjunction with Northern and some input from Grand Central. Passengers were able to buy sweets and flowers and were royally entertained by the Ukelear Power Band and Hartlepool Community Choir. Pictures by Vic Branfoot


Grand Central, as part of their drive to take railway safety culture to the local communities,. have been working with children’s book author Chris Madeley on a follow up to her hugely successful Cones series. The Cones have now taken to the rails in Book 3 – Cones on Rails. All is not fun and games as the Cones learn to respect platforms, learn on-board and on-track safety, to say nothing of what happens at an unmanned level crossing! They learn new words and meet new friends as they have an incredible adventure which helps them to be much wiser Cones. As part of the promotion GC on 15th May unveiled a Cones version of the Grand Central logo on one of their 180s. It will only be there for a month, so watch out for it!